Andar Bahar : how to win ?

Among the most popular games that allow you to make money online, the game Andar Bahar occupies a fairly important place. Like any regulated game, you have to put in place certain specific strategies to hope to win. If you want to take part in this unique game, here are the rules that you must respect at all costs.

Strategies to make gains in Andar Bahar

To play and win at andar bahar online game, certain strategies can be adopted. As strategies and tips for more chances of making you a big win, you should place your bet only on Andar or Bahar. 

No need to place an additional bet on the color of the joker or the color of the winning card. It may happen that you are faced with a losing streak. In this case, it is advisable to change the slot machine. 

Also, be sure to play with live dealers. This allows you to win more frequently. When you bet online, you will need to make sure you take advantage of bonuses and promotions. This is just standard advice. 

Also, remember that many experts recommend for more chances to bet on Andar. After several analyses, the latter deduced that Andar has a better chance of winning against Bahar (51.5% against 48.5%). By betting in the long term on Andar, the player will certainly be able to make more gains.

Where can you play Andar Bahar ?

Today, the player has the opportunity to play this slot machine live in almost all casinos. It must be said that the game is currently found on almost all online sites due to its growing popularity. P

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lease remember, however, that experts advise to play it on the 1xbet site because of certain favorable reasons. There are the fast payouts made on the site, the diverse selection of slot machines, the accessibility to live gaming and finally, its bonuses that are offered to players.