Buy PLB: How to get crypto-currencies without spending money?

Crypto-currencies are currencies whose uniqueness never ceases to amaze. Many people think that in order to have crypto-currencies or bitcoins, you have to buy them. This is true, however there are ways to get crypto completely free.

Crypto taps and crypto mining

The most famous method of making crypto currencies for free, or bitcoins are crypto taps. Crypto taps are websites that have the distinction of giving away bitcoins in small amounts for free. There are also smartphone applications such as bitcoin miner that have the same function. Visit for more details. The other way to make bitcoins for free is through mining. Mining is a technique that allows you to earn bitcoins using a computer. To do this, you will need an internet connection and electricity. Crypto mining or crypto-mining and crypto taps have in common that you can earn virtual currency. Gradually and with patience you will get crypto without investing money. But both techniques have in common that they are prone to scamming. Therefore, you need to be careful.

The method to properly use crypto taps

Crypto taps offer you bitcoins for free. In exchange, you have to watch videos. Other times solve puzzles, fill in captcha or take surveys. Others go so far as to give you bonuses and rewards on top. Others go so far as to offer you commissions on, for example, the number of people you sign up. To start earning these cryptos for free, you need to start by finding a crypto tap. After you have taken the trouble to study all the taps, you need to sign up. Registration is usually done by providing your simple email address. Other times registration is not necessary. Most crypto taps have a dashboard. On this panel is a timer that tells you how long it will take to get your winnings back. This table shows the payout time and the minimum withdrawal amount. There is nothing special about the method and you can do it yourself.

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