Frozen food market in China: a booming business

Have you ever thought of getting into the business of frozen food items? The frozen food market in China is experiencing a boom lately and a lot of Chinese rely on frozen food from stores on a daily basis. In case you are trying to start a food related business, this is definitely an opportunity you need to try out. As a foreign company trying to get into the Chinese frozen food market, there are opportunities you have, even if you might be faced with certain challenges.

Why are Chinese consuming more frozen food?

China is a country known for its fast pace of life. Most people living in China are always busy with work, or stuck in public transport, and at the end of the day, it is close to impossible to have time to cook. For this reason, the Chinese frozen food market is experiencing a rapid growth, thus creating opportunities for foreign frozen food industries, even if there are some challenges they might face. Here’s a useful link for you to get a deeper understanding of the issues foreign frozen food companies can face in China. Another factor that helped the frozen food industry to boom is the worldwide health crisis. Indeed, Covid 19 apparition greatly changed the dynamic of life. The national confinement forced the vast majority of Chinese citizens to rely on frozen food. With all this, the frozen food line of business keeps growing. 

What type of frozen food are the most profitable in China?

Concerning the profitable frozen food, there are different types that comes to mind. Frozen ready meal, meat and fish are the most common. There are also frozen pizzas that are also very appreciated by most Chinese due to the ease with which it’s done. Frozen bakery and potato products are also very popular among the citizens. It is advised to consider selling these products in case you are ready to make your début in the Chinese frozen food market.

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