The importance of customer reviews for an online sales company

For the majority of consumers today, customer reviews have become a form of guarantee of product quality. Some even put all their hopes on these reviews. In case of lack of reviews on some products, the customer can systematically cancel the order. In this article, we will tell you about the importance of these reviews for businesses.

The basis of a purchase decision

As mentioned a little earlier, everyone prioritizes customer reviews that is four 97% of consumers. This percentage rate already says a lot about the impact customer reviews can have on a potential buyer's purchase decision. You can browse around here for other answers to better understand this practice. The most recurrent is that 85 out of 97% compare to recommendations from friends or relatives and prefer to rely on reviews. This behavior is quite justified because the customer reviews come directly from individuals who have already tested the product. All this gives you an exact idea about the quality. These reviews, whether negative or positive, have a significant impact on your company's sales.


Visibility is the flagship element that boosts a company's sales. The search engine algorithm takes into account the importance of customer reviews. When the number is high, it shows that your business is reliable and legitimate. If you have many positive reviews, you will rank well in search engines which will give you more visibility. In fact, when reviews about your products are on social networks, it makes the reader want to visit the website concerned. The more visitors you get, the more visibility and awareness you gain. All this is possible when you have as few negative reviews as possible. The consumer prioritizes positive reviews which are the guarantee of satisfaction. 

From all the above, to have a good visibility and boost your sales, it is more than necessary for a company to have customer reviews.

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