Tips, strategies and signals for playing Avitor

Aviator is an online casino game that is very popular among players. It is simple and fair. These two assets make it successful in the market. In this article you will find tips, strategies and signals for playing Avitor. 

Tips for playing the game Avitor

The main rule of the Avitor game is simple. Just watch the flight of the plane to get your money back before the plane takes off completely. Go to 1Win review to learn more. The take off of the plane is totally random. This is the difficulty of the game. You have to adopt a good strategy not to lose your money.  
The first tip is to invest what you are willing to lose. Do not exceed this threshold. That way, when you lose it, it won't hurt so much. Also, keep an eye on the play of other players. This will help you make the right decisions at the right time. Before you start playing with your own money, spend some time in demo mode to better learn the winning strategies. Finally, bet on low odds. Also, be aware that these tips do not guarantee 100% success.

Types of strategies for playing Aviator

There are two main strategies for playing Aviator. The first is the single bet strategy. This strategy is composed of sub-strategies. There are three different betting strategies: minimum risk, high risk and moderate risk. The minimal risk strategy is suitable for reserved and cautious players. Moderate risk is only used when you are sure that the plane will not fly away before the x2 point. You would have already recovered your money and earned a profit in that time. 
High risk is a risky strategy, but one that will allow you to win big. Multiple bet strategies are more complex. This strategy includes the sub-strategies 2:1, and 1.5x +2x. It should be noted that the 2:1 strategy is a strategy that has been successful for many players.

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